Associated equipment


Associated equipment for the making of the Carlsson UE upgrade kits


Amps, Preamp and CD’s used:


GamuT M-250i, the absolutely brilliant power amplifiers from GamuT with massive power yet delicate. It does not look like a world class amp. but this brilliant amplifier should not be estimated.


GamuT D-200i, the downscale version of the brilliant mono amps. Huge soundstage and lot of power. Truly a fantastic stereo amplifier!


GamuT D-3i, looks and sound fantastic! It does not give or take anything; it is just a truthful preamp in any setup.


Gamut Di150, GamuT's world renounced integrated amplifier. This amplifier is rewarded as "properly one of the best integrated amps in the world". I tend to agree. It is a stunning performer.


Gamut CD3: Very good reviews available on the internet. Among the rewards, it received the "Editors choice" reward in See


Beside The great GamuT equipment, I have for comparison reasons used the Rotel RA-1062 / RCD-1072 combination as well as the Arcam FMJ A-38 and Arcam FMJ A-32 / CD 192 and CD-36.


They Rotel and Arcam equipments are clearly not in the same league as the GamuT, but both are very good performers in their own ways and with a very different price tag than the GamuT.




Since the Carlsson project started, I have developed my own speakers. I use the same drivers as I use for the upgrade kits and I am very pleased with the result. It has become my new reference speaker .


GamuT S9 - GamuT's statement loudspeaker - has been used as a statement for general tone and balance. I have been fortunate to listen to this unique speaker, which in my opinion is one of the best speakers in the world, and I have heard several of the top performers!


The GamuT S3, now RS3 is to be regarded as one of the worlds best 2-way speakers. I recon it is one of the few contesters in a league of only a few, which truely deliver a unique soundstage in a small stand mounted box.

As I have heard but a few others in this category, I refrain from mention the others.


GamuT S3 was in my living room for 1 months or so. A very very good 2-way speaker and also a comparable speaker to the OA-52 UE.

The S3 is a fantastic performer for sure, but my upgrade kit brings the Carlsson OA-52 UE close to the same performance as the S3.


Bösendorfor VC7 has a similar indirect sound philosophy, using side firing drivers and only two tweeters in the front. I bought the speakers after a great review in Dagogo.


Bösendorfer does not produce the speakers any more. After Yamaha took over the Bösendorfer piano factory, the license is now in the hands of Broadmann, another Austrian piano maker.


The VC7 and the S9 are both top end speakers, but with a very different sound. Using them both as a reference has been a privilege.


I have up-graded my old Carlsson OA-51 two times. Both times using the kits from John Larsen. The LE2 was a better version than the first LE version, but......




I have used many different cables in many different combinations. Cables from MIT, Supra, GamuT, Van den Hul and Nordost. I will not go into details with my observations, just state that there are differences. It is a huge job to make trustworthy comparisons, and it requires a great deal of different equipment to draw a conclusion on cables. I rather only mention that there are differences.
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