Carlsson OA52 Basextension

Carlsson OA52 Basextension


The new Basextension box is made by a Danish furniture maker, and the details are absolutely high class.


The price for the new Basextensions are € 2470.


For that price you get:


•2 world class 8” woofers from AudioTechnology.

•2 handcrafted vented boxes made by a Danish furniture maker.

•4 speaker terminals in superb quality. The one set of speaker terminals is on the middle facing side at the bottom, the other at the top of the wall facing side, to enable a short distance for a little “jumper”. The Jumper can be as short as approx. 15 cm. Should you want to buy the jumper from me then just give me a call.

•2 crossoweres that allows the original UE X-over to remain in the original box.

•No further adjustments are needed (here is the trick ☺).

•Painted in any RAL colour you want.

•Can be supplied in wood if you prefer, but with a slightly larger price. Should you wish so, please call me or send me an e-mail.



More information will follow along with the photos of new "Carlsson OA52 Basextension".



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