Parts used to make the Carlsson OA-52 UE


The MidWoofer selected is from AudioTechnology in Denmark.


AudioTechnology is perhaps not known to most people, but the company is a family owned company located south of Aarhus.


Ejvind Skaaning was a co-founder of Dynaudio and ScanSpeak and should not need any further introduction than that.


Today products from AudioTechnology are selected by top speaker companies like PeakConsult, Sonus Faber, Verity and Rockport for their outstanding performance. AudioTechnology produce drivers from 4” midrange to large 15” woofers. The Midwoofer selected for this project is a 6” C-Quence. But audiotechnology has helpfully helped modifing his already brilliant midwoofer to the perfect Carlsson midwoofer specially modified to box and charactericstics of the Carlsson speakers.


For more information and specifications visit Audiotechnologies website:|a|132|||


Tweeters are top of the line Scanspeak.


They are selected for their superior performance in combination with a high sensitivity, which combined with the midWoofer makes this as good as any 2-way speaker on the market (In our opinon)










For more information and specifications visit Scanspeaks website:



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