Prices for the UE-kits


Carlsson OA-52 UE kit parts available:


When placing an order you will be met with the possiblity to decide between a banktransfer or PayPal.


The price of PayPal is 3% higher than the banktransfer because of the service PayPal provides.


When ordering by mail, we will take you through all the steps in order to get you exactly what you want for your OA-52. Orders are only accepted and will only be carried out upon pre-payment, either via a banktransfer or via Paypal.


The basic kit consist of 2 top of the line 1" Scanspeak tweeters, 2 brilliant AudioTechnology 6" woofers and 2 highend hardwired crossovers.


This unique upgrade kit has a firm price of 1350 euro, which will bring your OA-52 into a league never reachable before!


Be aware the speaker is designed to be mounted on a 430 mm high stand. I will describe the process and reasons later.


I am working on many more tweeks and upgrades for the Carlsson speakers, so stay tuned.


Carlsson OA-52 Basextension:

The Basextension for the OA-52 is a top of the line upgrade for the Carlsson OA-52 UE kit. It will enhance the bottom end, plus a better and more defined midrange. It all adds up to the ultimate Carlsson experience. The Basextension works really well in larger rooms where the Carlsson in it self can miss some punch in the bottom end.


The Basextension consist of a handcrafted speakerbox made locally in Denmark. The Basextension can be made in any colour you like. To suit you needs. Furthermore can it be made in different kinds of wood for a small additional cost.

The Basextension is fitted with top of the line AudioTechnology 8" woofers with a highend hardwired crossover. It's a plug and play upgrade to the UE kit, No changes to the Carlsson speakers.


The price for the basextension is 2470€ in any colour.



Please just order by sending a mail to





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