Stig Carlsson

The history of Stig Carlsson


Stig Carlsson began designing speakers in the 1950s and first out was Kolboxen that looked like a cannon. At the bottom of the box was a 10-inch woofer and the mouth of an 8-inch midrange and woofer. Around the mouth there were four tweeters mounted at 90 degrees to each


The loudspeaker was also fitted to a valve amp.

1966 Sonab formed. OA-5 Type II sold during the years 1966-1973 in 100 000 copies, which is a Swedish record [citation needed]. In OA-5 was 5 for five speaker drivers: an 8-inch woofers and four tweeters.

In the late 1960s, the Sonab got into acute economic crisis and was taken over by Statsföretag 1969th Statsföretag gave Stig Carlsson substantial research resources, and after a few years was 1970's series are presented.

1976, the Sonab OA-2212 with two woofers, two midrange driver and not less than 12 tweeter, a total of 16 drivers per speaker. The speaker was primarily intended for studios and scene rendering and armed with the same elements as OA-116, but now with an even larger part of the tweeters, 8 out of 12, directed towards the listening position and placed in a circular arc.

1978 laid down Statsföretag Sonab and the entire speaker manufacture, so since it had lost one hundred million dollars on trying to make and sell poorly developed cell phones without a market there.

1983 Carlsson introduced the first speaker in the 1980s series, a series of two-way speakers made in Skillingaryd under the brand name CARLSSON.The series is usually called the OA-50-series and the first out was Carlsson OA-51. It was a lying rectangular structure in the left / right version. OA-51 was designed to hang on the wall at least 70 cm from the floor, or stand on a tripod at the same height. The top corners would have been the closest to the listening position, inner left and right corners, was sawed off in the whole box length, and the sloping baffle extending thereby along the entire front broadside and inner short side.

After development company in Skillingaryd bankrupt sold the last copies of the 1980's series in the stores around 1989th Stig Carlsson had in the 1990s, moving up in the attic of his stone house in the City Centre and rent the rest of the house. His minimal income, around 40 000 per year, almost went straight to keep life in his patent. However, he continued his design work.

A speaker manufacturer with management located in Norrköping acquired trademark rights Sonab by Ericsson for SEK 100 000 and began under the brand name to sell low-priced speakers from Taiwan to supermarkets On-Off and City Supermarket. The sale went very well and after a year Sonab launched its new brand Carlsson. The advertisement was using the term "a genuine Carlsson speakers."

The company's management argued that through the purchase of Sonab name also was entitled to trademark Carlsson, despite the fact that Stig Carlsson made their own speaker under that name since 1983. They had not managed to establish its claim legally but referred in its submissions to the authorities that the company hired a speaker designer with the right name. In summer 1996, however, the Patent and Trademark Office that Stig Carlsson allowed to keep his surname as speaker manufacturers.





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